“Sharing knowledge is not about giving others a piece of your wisdom, it’s about igniting a flame of curiosity and discovery in them.”

We are seeking folks having IT/computer skills to volunteer with our new initiative, “Teen In Tech” and this is part of the non profit organization “WeCare2Help, INC.

This program aims to empower teens by teaching them valuable IT skills such as JAVA, Python, Web Development, and Data Analytics etc. As we are in the early stages of this initiative, we are not only looking for volunteers to teach, but also to help us build a vibrant learning community.

We need to build learning community through your help. We need people who wants to learn through us.
We need to build a platform to register learners, track the progress and virtual video platform integrations.
We need to build volunteers community who are will to teach.

All this is lot of work and this is at the idea stage at this time.

If you have digital marketing skills, you can contribute significantly to our growth. By joining us, you will have the unique opportunity to shape this program from the ground up and make a lasting impact on the lives of teens. Your contribution will help cultivate a community of learners and teachers, and the satisfaction of giving back to the community is immeasurable.

Remember you do not need to be experts on these skills.

If you are interested please drop an email to  reachus@wecare2help.org or Register via the information provided at the right side of this page  by providing details about yourself and your skills.

As we are early in the stage there is an opportunity for you to shape and drive this initiative and be in the leadership role. Pl note this is not a Paid position and this is a 100% volunteer position.

If you have any further questions please drop an email to  reachus@wecare2help.org

Team, Wecare2Help, INC.
“Teen InTech” Program
Web Site: https://wecare2help.org

If you are interested to teach/mentor, please register at  https://tinyurl.com/titmentor or scan the following QR code through your phone camera.

If you are interested to learn and want to be a student, please register at  https://tinyurl.com/titstudent or scan the following QR code through your phone camera.