Kruthi Munnangi, Co-Founder & Director 

My name is  Kruthi Munnangi and I am a high school senior with a strong interest in the healthcare field. IT & Computer skills are my secondary interest. I am a co-founder and director of this non profit organization. Helping others and contributing to the community has always been a passion of mine.

I can be reached via email

Sandilya Parimi, Co-Founder

My name is  Sandilya Parimi, and I am a high school Junior I am passionate about helping children and regularly volunteer in my community. Being an active member of the Boy Scouts has taught me the importance of leadership, teamwork, and community service. I have a special connection with kids and often volunteer at Kids Coming Together, a local non-profit that supports children in need. As a co-founder of WeCare2Help, INC, I am committed to making a positive impact on people’s lives through community service. If you would like to contact me, you can reach me at

Aileen Huang

I’m Aileen Huang, a student at Cornell University. Along with my interest in using technology and innovation to make a difference, I find joy in serving my community. Volunteering with different organizations has taught me valuable skills and allowed me to make meaningful connections with people from diverse backgrounds. I’m thrilled to be part of Wecare2Help, INC in our mission to serve the community. I can be reached @

Alexandra Kuligowski

My name is Alexandra Kuligowski. I am a rising sophomore with a passion for writing and software engineering. I’ve always been an advocate for those in need and speak up for the people who struggle to make their voices heard. Making a positive impact in my community through volunteering and activism is something I’m incredibly passionate about in hopes of making a difference. I can be reached at

Kim On Jo

Hello, my name is Kim On, and I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree with a major in IT. My goal is to utilize IT to make a positive impact, helping numerous people and contributing to a better world through collaborative efforts. I am passionate about teaching and volunteering, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch  at the email address below: 

Nadia Desbordes

My name is Nadia Desbordes and I am a rising senior at Wesleyan School located in Peachtree Corners, Georgia. I love to learn new things while also having a passion for space and neuroscience. In my future I wish to help and provide support to communities through advancements in science. I also love to read, hangout with friends, and go to the movies. I’m super excited to be a part of WeCare2Help and can be reached at

Gunay Hasanli

My name is Gunay Hasanli, I am 4 th year student at Middle East Technical University majoring in Mathematics Education. I have a genuine love for acquiring new knowledge and a strong passion for both mathematics and writing, besides that engaging in volunteer work brings me the greatest sense of joy. I also play chess, spend time with friends in my free time. I’m very excited to be a part of WeCare2Help and I can be reached at

Kevin Davish

This is Kevin and I am raising senior in high school in the north Virginia area. I am passionate about technology and serving community. Happy to be part of this organization to learn and share my skills and help community. I can be reached at

Agastya Sai

My name is Agastya Sai, I am am currently 8th grder. I’m super excited to be a part of WeCare2Help and can be reached at agastya

Volunteer List

Other Volunteers currently helping or under consideration are below:

Luciana, Roberts

Smita, Maskar

C, srividhya

Anjali, Gaurav

Mohan Nyamanahalli, Manjunatha

Chathura, Chamantha

Hang, Yang

fredson, ribeiro

Other Volunteers currently helping or under consideration are below:

Edo, Fransisco

Varun, Singhal

Syed, Ali

Jimmy, Her

Aneesh, Chodipalli

Abbas, Haq

Annalisa, Fletcher

virda, liaqat

Anjali, Abraham

Mercedes, Ames

Ying, Fang

Russell, Frost

Yusuf, Shaikh

Anya, Goel

Eric, Chen

Shiven, Patel

Edward, Bao

Guper, Sam

Ting, Gao

Hyerin, Shin

Benjamin, Levin

Kevin, Kelly

oscar, palomares

Other Volunteers currently helping or under consideration are below:

Saida, Karmass Farcou

Giovane, Seberino

Raaga, Suravarapu

Parth Sunil, Kothekar

Titi, Oladipo

Itoro, Udo

Victor Hugo, Dalosto De Oliveira

Vigneswar Reddy, Challa

Nisith, Moragoda

Laila, Abdalla

Kartik, Saini


Nidhi Anil, Menon

Jiahui, Yu

hima, bindu

Yue, deng

Pranav, Reddy

Jae, Dillon

sony, reddy

Syed, Mohammad Ali

Umama, Sadaf

Other Volunteers currently helping or under consideration are below:

HaoTsung, Lee

Mercy, Egbon

Tiago, Costa

Daniela, Renno

Shraddha, Shah

Gaurav, Patil

Anna, Jimenez

Kiet, Nguyen

Max, Batsukh

Siho (Leo), Kim

Ishanth, Pinnamaraju

saahil, bapat

Naomi, Scott

abu, nawim

Anik, Dey

debbie, shepard

Henok, T

Innocent, Banda

Shraddha, Shah

Uma, Pandian

N, Wasdin

Shaaswatan, Raghu Prakash

Other Volunteers currently helping or under consideration are below:

Reagan, Hebert

Amit, Pimple

Randy, Syring

shamira, villarreal

Advait, renj

Manvitha Krishna, Patibandla

Nadia, Desbordes

Ataesia, Mickens

Marie, Latif

Niyathi, Nalluri

kiki, aiye

Brandon, Thomas

Emily, Dominguez

Rishi, Narendran

Pritika, Yadav

Kevin, Kelly

Arjit, Kandalai

Duj, Alvarez

an, Xie

Akhila, Mokkapati

Gerrard, Eberhart Jr

William, Riggs