TeenInTech Program

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Interested to teach technology ? register here : https://tinyurl.com/titmentor


Interested to learn technology ? register here : https://tinyurl.com/titstudent


2200 + Volunteer hours

$3500 + Grants received

20 + Volunteers


Techonology is the future. learn techonology together

Our mission is to empower individuals and communities through technology education, providing access to essential digital skills.

“if you want to change this world, this community that we all live in, then get up and do it. And just start something”


Education is the foundation of progress. Embrace knowledge, empower academia.

Our mission is to promote lifelong learning and empower individuals to achieve their full potential through academic education


Community is the catalyst for growth. Embrace connection, empower your surroundings.

Our mission is to help those in our community who are struggling to make ends meet, by providing basic necessities and emotional support to improve their quality of life.


Knowledge sharing is the gateway to enlightenment. Embrace blogging, empower collective wisdom.

Join our community of writers and readers, and explore a range of thought-provoking topics on our non-profit’s blog – a space for meaningful conversations and learning

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Read this on what you may get in return for your valuable volunteering efforts ! Its a win-win.

PVSA award

Looking to make a difference in your community while also being recognized for your efforts? …

Learning skills

Looking for a way to give back to your community while gaining valuable experience in the latest technologies? …

Local or Remote

We are located in Georgia, USA, but you can still contribute to the mission remotely from anywhere in the world…

Want to Join us? great thought

Our Team

Click here for the entire team of Volunteers list:   https://wecare2help.org/team/

Kruthi Munnangi, Co-Founder & Director

Sandilya Parimi, Co-Founder

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Volunteer blogging isn’t just about sharing articles, it’s about weaving a tapestry of knowledge, where every thread contributes to a broader understanding and a more connected world.

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Please visit disclaimer here Image References/Sources : Adobe Stock & Part of Standard License (https://stock.adobe.com/license-terms) and contains AI generated images. Topic: The Nourishing Choice: Opting for Whole Foods and Whole Fruits In a world filled with convenience foods and tempting treats, the importance of embracing whole foods and […]

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